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Direct Energy often features in various news media. Read the latest news and views about geothermal heating and cooling projects, research and benefits.

$1.6M Research Grant Awarded

In April 2012, Direct Energy in partnership with Melbourne University and Geotechnical Engineering, are awarded a $1.6m grant to support research and monitoring for geothermal heating and cooling installations.

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Source: Sustainable Engineering

Victorian Geothermal Pilot Study Launches April 2012

University of Melbourne announces the launch of the Victorian Geothermal Pilot Study, in partnership with Direct Energy and Geotechnical Engineering.

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Source: University of Melbourne

Direct Energy partners with Geothermal experts to demonstrate GSHP efficiencies

Geothermal experts from the University of Melbourne, Direct Energy and Geotechnical Engineering are working with the Department of Primary Industries to demonstrate the efficiency of a form of renewable energy that will play an important role in the energy mix of Victoria’s Future.

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Source: Sustainability Matters

Coalition Government supports direct geothermal project for heating and cooling

The Victorian Coalition Government announces a $1.6 million grant to support the University of Melbourne and its partners, Direct Energy and Geotechnical Engineering,  to demonstrate the efficiency of direct use geothermal for heating and cooling buildings.

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Source: Victorian Government

Earth Power: All the energy we need is just below the surface

STAYING warm during the cooler months doesn’t have to mean soaring utility bills and forsaking the environment. Australia’s heating market is rapidly embracing sophisticated technologies to keep houses warm while minimising greenhouse gas emissions. Geothermal heating, which has long been an effective sustainable heating method in the northern hemisphere, is gaining in popularity here.

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Source: The Age newspaper

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) for energy efficient heating & cooling

Harnessing the warmth of the earth, ground source heat pumps are a popular choice to heat homes in North America and Europe. Australian home owners are now also embracing the technology as an extremely efficient form of space heating and cooling.

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Source: Sanctuary Magazine

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) using the energy down under

The Energy Down-Under seminar considered different forms of power, heating and cooling from ‘under our feet’. Short extracts from three of the presentations are included in the article in Energy News.

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Source: Energy News

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) delivering savings from the ground up

Geothermal pumps keep heating and cooling costs low and are efficient all year round, writes Anne Thompson. Melbourne-based company Direct Energy installs geothermal heat pumps in residences and businesses throughout Victoria. These are “direct geo-exchange systems”, where refrigerant is run through underground copper pipes.

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Source: The Age newspaper

Heating your house from the ground up

Listen to the podcast on ABC Radio National about Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) and how they are delivering energy savings for heating and cooling.

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Source: ABC Radio National, Bush Telegraph

Four Seasons Pilot Program, GSHP research

Listen to the podcast on ABC Radio about geoexchange energy efficiencies and the Four Seasons Energy Pilot Program:  and how they are delivering energy savings for heating and cooling.
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Source: ABC Radio

Dr Donald Payne installing the first Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP’s) in Australia

A geothermal heat pump in every of the eight million households in Australia could single-handedly meet the 2020 [emissions] targets,” says Donald. “You know it’s not going to happen overnight but its testament to the fact that geothermal has a great contribution to make.”

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Source: ABC

Largest residential Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP’s) installation in Australia

A BRIGHTON house has become the largest private home in Australia using geothermal power. The five-bedroom, 180 square Dendy St property will harness the earth’s natural heat through 52 copper rods sunk 30m underground from the basement.

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Source: Bayside Leader

GSHP, the Hole truth about new age power

Dr Payne says: “No matter where you live, the underground temperature remains relatively constant all year, even though outdoor temperatures may vary widely. Geothermal systems utilise this stable resource as a renewable energy source for the home.

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Source: Frankston Independent

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