Mt Eliza Clifftop Residence, Victoria

Project 7 of 8

“In restoring and modernising an historic cliff-top house at Mt. Eliza we decided to push the envelope for long-term energy efficiency.

We have lived in North America and knew that ground source heat pumps were just about the most efficient means for heating, cooling, hot-water heating and pool heating.

We were delighted to find that Direct Energy is supplying and installing Direct Energy’s direct geoexchange technology in Australia and could provide an all-in-one solution for our requirements.

Using the constant temperature of the ground as a heat source and sink saves 30 -70% of our energy requirements. We thoroughly recommend that others consider Direct Energy’s direct geoexchange technology for their space and water heating and cooling. Certainly, anyone building a new home or office must consider this technology. And, as we have demonstrated, it’s not hard to use it in retrofitting an 80+ year old historic home.

Joyce Marks B.Arch Mt Eliza

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