B’Rush Ski Club, Mt Hotham, Victoria

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“The B’Rush Ski Club, Mt Hotham found an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution in Direct Energy’s direct geoexchange heat pumps.

With winter temperatures down to minus 10 degrees, the lodge’s high energy demand was previously met by a combination of electric and gas (LPG) fired boilers.

Direct Energy’s technology has cut our energy consumption by 75 % and our fossil fuel usage by more than 80%. The payback period of 6 years is considered by the club to be completely acceptable given the expected 30 to 50 year life of our building.

Since commissioning, forecasted savings have been exceeded with several spin-off benefits. The new system is spectacularly comfortable, has been universally acclaimed by our guests, the resort and wider communities and has been featured in several publications and forums, including the 2009 Alpine Resorts Sustainability Forum at Thredbo on the 1st May.”

Murray Neilson, B’Rush Ski Club

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