What are Earth Loops?

Geothermal Earth Loop Installation Options

Direct Energy Earth Loops enable direct exchange of renewable thermal energy with the earth. HDPE pipe is used, requiring 150mm holes for a water-loop GeoExchange systems.

The loops are designed in three different configurations (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) to meet most new and retrofit applications. This allows for the selection of the most economical loop configuration for each installation.


Horizontal: The horizontal loop application is an excellent choice for areas where overburden depths of at least 1.1-1.8m exist. Excavation costs must be compared to the cost of drilling either the vertical option or the diagonal option illustrated above.


There are also restrictions that apply to the horizontal loop field such as the inability to plant deep-rooting trees, erect buildings such as garages or out-buildings, and swimming pools (either in-ground or above-ground) would be prohibited. Despite these restrictions however, a number of homeowners opt for this type of loop field and successfully implement this design on a regular basis.

Vertical: The vertical loop application is available in all areas of the country. For this type of loop application, the services of a drilling contractor would be required to drill the 75mm bore hole required for the loop itself. As you can see from the illustration, the vertical loop option requires less space and therefore minimizes restrictions in use above the loop field.

Diagonal: The diagonal loop is a good choice for tight surface areas; with its small “footprint” there are minimal restrictions in use above the loop field; this allows the property owner complete freedom to utilize their property in any way they choose. The manifold area is the only area that must be protected from buildings, trees or pools above. As with the vertical loop option, the diagonal also requires the services of a drilling contractor to drill the 75mm bore holes required.

Fast, Easy Installations

Loops using vertical or diagonal bore holes are typically installed in 1-3 days. Horizontal loops can be installed in a similar timeframe.

Direct Energy Geothermal loops are chosen to suit the application – shallower bores are easier to install because smaller and more manoeuvrable drilling equipment can be used.

Drilling & Installation Photos

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