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Defining Australia’s Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

Dr Donald Payne presented at the Australian Institute of Energy.

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Four Seasons Energy Pilot Program

Dr. Mirek Piechowski discusses geothermal GSHP technology (with respect to the Four Seasons Pilot Program) on ABC Central Victoria.

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Prime Minister’s Energy Efficiency Task Force: Direct Geo-Exchange Heat Pump (DGHP) Industry Submission:

Dr Donald Payne has been involved in consultation within the Prime Minister’s Energy Efficiency Task Force – a submission is available to read.

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COAG Review Discussion Paper – Eligibility of new small-scale technologies and heat pumps

On 30th April 2009, COAG agreed to review the eligibility of GHPs in the extended MRET – a step towards equitable incentives.

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Position Paper: Direct Use Geothermal Applications

GHPs missed inclusion in most government programs (Renewable Energy Certificates, Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, and other rebates like Solar Hot Water) because in 1997 when the first Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) was developed; there was insufficient awareness & industry.

The present political, social & economic drivers are changing this (e.g. extended MRET) and the industry is maturing.  AGEA’s position paper on direct use geothermal was presented to Martin Ferguson, Peter Batchelor, David Davis, Greg Hunt and others from across parliament with positive feedback.

One of AGEG’s charters for geoexchange is to increase awareness, delivery and research in Australia.  A GeoExchange Centre of Excellence in Victoria (Funded in part by Vic. DIIRD) is being established and key outcomes include:

  • development of a course/certificate on Geothermal Heat Pumps for accreditation of installers (below)
  • establishment of Australian/NZ Standards for GHPs (ISO standards ideally)
  • education of engineers, architects, energy consultants, HVAC personnel, plumbers and clients
  • policy settings aligned with other renewable technologies such as solar PV, solar hot water, wind & small generation devices (in the USA bailout package a 30% residential tax credit specifically for GHPs was passed & Canada increased its rebates to $8,500 for GHPs).

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CSIRO’s ASKAP is a high-profile application of the GHP technology

CSIRO’s ASKAP is a high-profile application of the GHP technology for which the Prime Minister has awarded funding on 9 Jun 2010. Direct Energy was involved in the design and installation of GSHP to support this project.

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Geothermal Heating at Brush Ski Lodge Mt Hotham “Slashing our Energy Footprint”

An overview of the Geothermal Heating System installation at Mt Hotham from the Alpine Resorts Forum

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