Swimming Pool & Spa Heating

Highly Efficient Pool Heating, making year-round swimming an affordable possibility. Suited for spas or either domestic or commercial pools, Direct Energy’s solar geothermal system has an unequalled water heating efficiency compared to traditional methods.

Solar geothermal heated swimming pools are heated at less than one-fourth of the cost of water heated electrically. This allows you to provide the pleasure of swimming on a cool day at a greatly reduced cost when compared to electrical or fossil fuel pool heating.

Suited for any Size Pool

From spas to domestic pools and even to Olympic size commercial pools, Direct Energy’s Geothermal Heating provides cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Low Maintenance

A swimming pool fitted with the Direct Energy heating system utilizes the heat from the earth and requires next to no maintenance once the thermostat is set.

Undisturbed Layout

Direct Energy offers the most reliable, cost-effective heating method for either a new swimming pool or where a new heating source is to be installed for an existing pool. This system is simple to install without affecting the layout of the garden, and our team can identify the optimal location for the geothermal equipment and install the equipment with the minimum of disruption to your home and garden.

Reliable Swimming Pool Heating

No matter the size of the swimming pool, the Direct Energy Geothermal heating system will reduce the heating cost and emissions as there is no fossil fuel firing. Because its infinite, renewable energy source is the solar energy stored in the earth, it can operate efficiently in any climate, every hour of the year. This allows you to extend the swimming season, even in colder climates.

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