Hydronic Radiant Panel Heating

Hydronic Radiant Panel Heating is the preferred central heating widely used in Europe for almost a century.

Designed, installed and used correctly, hydronic central heating can be economical and highly effective in most homes. Combining radiant panel heating with the energy efficiency of our geothermal heating systems can provide great benefits. Geothermal Radiant Panel Heating functions by heating water and then pumping it through piping to panel radiators or convectors positioned in each room. Heat is transferred directly from these to the room air. It is important to design the radiant panels for water temperature of 40-45 degrees for optimal efficiency.


  • Manual or automatic control valves to each panel allow individual rooms or zones to be heated independently
  • Panel radiators provide effective heating for rooms with high or low ceilings
  • Response time is generally good, and you will feel warm within 30 minutes
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Clean environmentally friendly and reliable geothermal energy
  • Low maintenance requirements




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