Domestic Hot Water

Direct Energy supplies heat pump technology that produces the most efficient water heating ever tested at the Florida Solar Energy Center. Heating water from renewable energy for residential use can be accomplished in two different ways:  through integrated full-time water preheating or through “de-superheating” water heating.

Integrated Renewable Energy Water Heating

Integrated water heating (on demand) uses the Direct Energy system to heat water at any time of the year.
Because our heat pump water heating option has the full system capacity available to heat water, it provides quicker recovery from a cold water tank than does an electric resistance water heater. It has first-cost and operating cost advantages over competitors’ integrated systems.

De-superheating Renewable Energy Water Heating

De-superheating water heating reclaims heat from the A/C cycle to heat water. Its first cost is lower. Savings are realized in the cooling season by transferring waste heat to your hot water storage tank. Even in the heating mode the de-superheater often provides pre-heating to the water heater, reducing the work required of the electric resistance elements.


  • Energy savings
  • Environmental savings
  • Protection from energy cost increases
  • Reliable, low maintenance, long life
  • Versatile and works anywhere
  • Quiet
  • Efficient
  • Comfort
  • Third-party verification

Safe and Renewable Energy

Because there is no fossil fuel firing required by the Direct Energy system, there is no risk of fuel leaks, explosion, fumes or asphyxiation. Geothermal energy is a safe and renewable form of energy.

The Direct Energy heat pumps are located in a single cabinet that contains the high efficiency scroll compressor, the refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger and a small, quiet and dependable water circulating pump. Typical cabinet sizes fit within 700mm x 700mm x 700mm, which is the size of a two drawer file cabinet. It can be located adjacent to the traditional water heater tank.

Water Earth Loop Installation

High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) earth loops are employed to suit the application. For heating, 30m of earth loop can yield at least 3.5kWth of heat pump capacity is needed, and a three inch (75mm) diamater bore hole is optimal. 

The system is easily adapted to retrofit applications and new construction. The earth loops can be installed vertically, diagonally, or horizontally by trenching, drilling, excavation or directional boring even under a parking lot.(75mm) diameter bore hole is optimal.


The system is designed for dependability and ease of service. It includes industry-standard threaded water piping connections, pump unions, and refrigerant service valves. In addition to the refrigerant management controls, the key internal components include a high efficiency, brazed plate heat exchanger and a readily accessible bronze body water circulating pump.


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