Geothermal heating and cooling Solutions

Suitable for new homes and retro-fitting for air conditioning, space heating, hot-water services, hydronic floor heating, hydronic radiator wall panels, swimming pools & spas, a Direct Energy solution can cut up to 75% off your energy bill.

Direct Energy’s highly-efficient direct geothermal energy heating and cooling systems provide affordable residential heating and cooling solutions that enable you to hedge against soaring electricity prices, significantly lower your energy bills, increase the value of your property, improve your quality of life and reduce your carbon footprint.

Direct Energy offers a wide range of geothermal heating and cooling solutions specifically designed to meet residential requirements including:

Residential Project Highlights

Benefits of Direct Geothermal Heating and Cooling

> Save up to 75% or more on energy bills

A direct geothermal heating and cooling solution is a highly efficient low-energy technology that taps into the natural heat of the earth to save you up to 75% or more on your energy bills. No matter where you live, the underground temperature remains relatively constant all year, even though the outdoor temperature may vary widely.
Geothermal systems utilize this stable renewable energy source for heating and cooling your home. The more applications your geothermal system services in your home, the greater the $$$ savings and the faster the payback period.

> Proven Performance, tested over time

Direct geothermal energy is a constantly available, clean, renewable energy source with environmental benefits and cost savings that have been proven over time. Direct Energy’s solar geothermal technology can deliver verified efficiency up to 70% in heating and cooling, and up to 75% in water heating.

Boasting coefficients of performance (COP’s) from 3.5 to greater than 5 in space heating and cooling, Direct Energy systems reduce cooling costs on average of 30% as compared to a 10 SEER air conditioner, and heating costs by 75% as compared to electric heat. Direct Energy offers the most energy efficient means of heating and cooling buildings in most areas.

> New home design, retrofit or add-on

We understand the design of your home and your specific needs are unique and that is why Direct Energy will provide a tailored solution to meet your exacting standards. Whether you are building a new home, want to retrofit or add-on a direct geothermal heating and cooling system, Direct Energy will provide you the expert assistance and advice.

With beauty and design in mind, you no longer require a roof-mounted air conditioning system. With our geothermal heating and cooling system it can be mounted anywhere out of sight – behind a building, in your underground garage or with other home services. The choice is yours.

> Silent achiever, Cleaner comfort

With a Direct energy system installed in your home you invest in greater comfort and cleaner air for your family. Thanks to the system’s superior efficiency and innovative technology, you heat and cool air and water in your home without the risk of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions generated by fossil fuel heating. And it is quiet!

Internationally, geothermal heat pumps play a key role in reducing carbon emissions. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency has identified geothermal heat pumps as a technology that significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other emissions associated with heating, cooling and water heating within residential buildings.

More reasons to choose Direct Energy…

One system, many uses

Whether you live in an urban location or a remote area, you can use the same unit for heating and cooling of living space, domestic water or swimming pools. Direct Energy’s products provide the simple and convenient solution to create a comfortable home environment for your family and guests all year around.

Quiet comfort in your home

You can benefit from stable and comfortable temperatures all year long without the noise of typical air conditioners or heat pumps. During winter, you will experience warmth without the hot blasts of gas furnaces; when cooling, you will benefit from crisp, dehumidified air.

Small and convenient

Direct Energy has a small geothermal heat pump and earth loop footprint, making it convenient to install and easy to fit in your home and yard, no matter how constrained the space.

Technically simple and reliable

Because of its unique mechanical simplicity, the system offers greater reliability, minimal maintenance and long useful life.

Works anywhere

From Australia, Sitka-Alaska, or Siauliai-Lithuania, Direct Energy’s system is designed to work anywhere seamlessly, regardless of your climate conditions, always quietly delivering comfort, savings and the performance you desire in your home.



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