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Government Rebates

Government rebates for the installation of Geothermal Heating & Cooling are available in regional Victoria through the Four Seasons Energy Pilot Program.

Feasibility studies: Funding will be provided for community groups, councils and businesses for feasibility studies into using these new energy technologies in comparison to other combined heating and cooling options.

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Critical Policy update – GSHP inclusion in RET

Read the latest Report to the Council of Australian Governments’ Select Council on Climate Change.

Chapter 2.4, p.22 demonstrates that GSHP is moving in the right direction ! 

Seventeen of the submissions to this paper supported the inclusion of GSHP in the RET scheme. Various submissions refer to the technology as ground source heat pumps, direct use geothermal heating and cooling systems.

One of the primary reasons given for inclusion of this technology is that it is a form of heat pump, similar to air-sourced heat pumps that are already eligible under the RET, and utilises geothermal energy which is recognised as a renewable energy source under the RET scheme.

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