Project 8 of 8

 “Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) is the radio astronomy division of CSIRO and is currently building one of the most powerful radio telescope arrays in the world in a remote, radio quiet area of Western Australia.

An enormous amount of information is collected which requires very powerful and reliable processing electronics and computer systems that need constant cooling.

The remote desert location drives a need for very low power consumption and direct geoexchange ground coupled heat pumps are an excellent solution.

A system is installed in an experimental cooling arrangement at ATNF’s headquarters at Marsfield for evaluation. Direct Energy Pty Ltd supplied the equipment and arranged all associated installation work within a very short time frame.

Complex and very thorough testing has proved that the direct exchange ground coupled heat pump system is the best available solution for providing continuous, reliable, maintenance free and cheap cooling of sensitive scientific equipment in a remote desert environment.

Dezso Kiraly, ASKAP, ATNF, CSIRO

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